New to Our Church?

Our Sunday morning service is from 10:30 am - 11:30 am. 

You can come casually dressed, meet some friendly people, sip some fresh coffee, and worship God together.

We stream our services live.

We will stream our service on our public Facebook page.

We also stream to YouTube when our service is held inside the building.

How does our service feel?

We repeatedly hear people describe our service as friendly, family-focused, real, prayerful, and excited about Jesus.  

There are some unique aspects of our church.

First, if the weather is good, we have our service outside in our pavilion.

Bring a lawn chair and enjoy talking about God while surrounded by His creation.

Secondly, we have a lot of family focus. Young and old participate in the service right until the sermon begins. This means that if you have children, you can worship as an entire family! During the sermon, our younger ones have the option to attend children's church.

New to Christianity?

God made us and gave us a wonderful opportunity: to choose to love and follow Him.

The bad news is that we have all rejected God (the Bible calls this sin).  When we die, we receive the actual result of rejecting God.  We will not be with Him in heaven (after all, we have rejected Him).

However, God has given us another chance to choose Him.  Jesus, God the Son, came to earth and died on the cross to pay the penalty we owed for our sin.  He offers salvation to all who choose Him.  

The Bible declares, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  To believe in Jesus is to know who He really is (God and the Son), to trust in His payment on the cross and to follow Him in loving obedience.  

If you have believed in Jesus, then you have new life both now and for eternity!  You can live with hope, peace, and love beyond what anything else can give you. 

We gather regularly to encourage each other to choose God and follow Christ.  We welcome everyone to join us as we follow Christ because He invites all people to follow Him.  

Click here to contact us and you can read more about what we believe here.